“We need more of what you guys are doing on the radio for sure!”


– Shawn Mullins, Grammy nominated recording artist.


After winning the statewide “All Access Music Search” presented by the Georgia Lottery, theKey took the exciting grand prize trip to Hollywood, CA to record at the Capitol Studios Tower.  To beat out thousands of acts in the competition, theKey blended their use of colorful layering, driving beats, catchy melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics that define their signature sound. Fresh off of their debut album release, theKey is working hard to share their tunes with new music lovers everywhere. On stage, theKey brings nothing less than a well-produced, engaging performance, showcasing their music that has drawn comparisons to artists like Coldplay and Matchbox 20. Their 13-track debut album, “This is goodnight, this is goodbye” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and thekeymusic.com.


theKey’s many musical influences are blended in a sound that embraces the modern music scene while adding its own flavor reminiscent of the late-90’s alternative era. This widely appealing sound has landed theKey opportunities to share the stage with many well-known artists such as:

We the Kings            The Maine              Cartel                       Augustana                 Yellowcard

Gym Class Heroes   Shane & Shane      Bebo Norman        Meredith Andrews   Dirty Guv’nahs

The Fold                     The Wedding         Ocean is Theory   Ohio Avenue              Buddy Greene

The opposite of your typical rock band, theKey is university educated, classically trained, and fully capable of doing their own taxes! Seemingly endless hours of practice, boundless determination, and a passion for making a difference have created early success for theKey as well as their philosophy on life and performing.


“People often talk about waiting for their ‘big break’ or waiting for things to start going their way. Waiting around isn’t something we plan to do.  While patience is a good quality, you’ve got to be involved in the here and now. If you want a reaction, you’ve got to start with an action. I refuse to spend my whole life waiting to truly live.” – says Clay Scott, lead singer of theKey.  These ideas sparked the origins of theKey’s first single, “Waiting,” with which theKey hopes to provoke listeners to analyze the origins and roots of their goals and ambitions.


“When the hard times come, when all else comes crashing down around you, when the lights are out and the crowd is gone… what do you have left to stand on? Is there a rock beneath your feet or are you just sinking into the sand?  We hope to challenge our listeners through everything we do: our music, lyrics, and even our actions. We want to encourage people to get out there and find out why they’ve been put in this world. Our foundation is in our faith in Jesus Christ and we want to sing about you and me getting up and making a difference.” – reflects Scott.


“I first heard theKey open for Shane and Shane at a large outdoor festival in South Georgia. Their energetic sound and solid harmonies immediately had the crowd on their feet. Once I heard their EP “Waiting”, I knew this new band was really something special.”

-Bob Thompson, Festival Director, Atlanta Fest


theKey is hard at work on their debut full length album, which will be released on July 4, 2012.