Here's what people are saying about theKey....

After performing a new song from the upcoming album on Live Television during the All Access Music Search, the four celebrity judges had great things to say about theKey:

“I thought it was fantastic!  I love the song, I love the sound!  Just a really really great band… and we need more of what you guys are doing on the radio for sure.  Good job!”

Shawn Mullins, Grammy-nominated recording artist

“You guys really have it together!”

Clay Cook, songwriter, producer, and member of the Grammy award-winning Zac Brown Band

“That song is really, really amazing!”

Dallas Austin, Hip Hop producer, songwriter, and musician

“You catch on to it no matter what type of music you’re accustomed to listening to.  I love you guys and I like the way you all look! … I think y’all are one of my favorites from tonight!”

Monica, Billboard chart-topping R&B recording artist

“The Key’s performance opening for Augustana was simply fantastic. Drawing in a large local following, their performance really set the stage for Augustana. This performance is worthy of its own stage and a much longer set.”

“The Key delivered once again! Their cool, upbeat, and smooth sound fit perfectly with the mood and atmosphere of the day. There was no disappointment at Mercer when they took the stage, with their performance bringing in a large crowd. No doubt they will be a favorite at Mercer for a while.”

Corey Tanner, President, Mercer University Student Activities Organization

“I first heard The Key open for Shane and Shane at a large outdoor festival in south Georgia. Their energetic sound and solid harmonies immediately had the crowd on their feet. Once I heard their EP ‘Waiting,’ I knew this new band was really something special.”

Bob Thompson, Festival Director, Atlanta Fest